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Checking In And Out The Board!

Checking In And Out The Board!

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by January 14, 2018 Poker Players

Checkers is a board game that has survived generations for centuries. Our ancestors have passed on this easy game to us. Two players is all that it takes to play this game. All over the world checkers have found a prominent place in the homes or wherever it is convenient.

The board game is light and easy to carry and move around. The object of the checkers game is to capture the opponents pieces by wisely maneuvering the pieces to a difficult counter move. This game is a battle with two kinds of play : the offensive and the defensive. By comparison checkers is much easier to play then chess. The United States version consists of sixty four squares each with a two-inch squares.

There are also the eight squares in eight rows. The pieces are called checkers or men. The squares are tinted in colors from dark to light alternately. At most times the game is focused on the darker color on the board. Black and white play, that is, the dark and the light, play at the flat board as red and black.

The player with the black checkers usually makes the starting move. Moves are made in the diagonal fashion one square at a time, either to the left or to the right, and so on to the empty squares. An opponent can take over a player by jumping over the man and can land on an empty square ahead. One move and make a capture of two or more men. If a player lands his man to the last row on the opponents side, the man wins hands up. All it takes is to place another man with the same color on top.

The only way you can have an advantage is to go forward and backwards but only if you do it one square after another square. So it is clear that to make more than one capture your movements should be forward or backwards. Swallowing or capturing all of the opposing men leads to a win. The player has successfully checked and blocked his enemy from moving. When neither wins, it’s a draw.

After which the players change colors and start anew. There are quite a few variations of the game, they are: the Italian checkers, Russian checkers, Polish checkers, the Continental checkers or the diagonal checkers. Also in contention is the Montreal or Quebec checkers.

All these have the same game objective. It was in 1905, in North America, that the first checkers international game took place. Together with the players of America they garnered individual wins. It is quite easy to play this game so try it out and bet that you can capture all men. It takes quite a strategy or lucky moves to outmaneuver or block your opponent’s men.

Be conservative in your moves as one false move can allow your opponent to capture more three of your men in a jiffy. It takes a prudent player to allow his opponent to move at a risk he knows will be of an advantage. A player needs a keen eye and move to anticipate errors from the other side of the board game.

The game is very similar to that of chess yet has the gambling potential to be a winner. Unknown to many, the type of bet that permeates the game is the spread bet, similar to the one used in sports betting. Once a player can correctly gauge the odds, then one has the greatest chance of hitting it big.


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