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Blackjack Switch Game Rules

Blackjack Switch Game Rules

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If you are a fan of regular blackjack, chances are you will love blackjack switch as it involves a few cheeky twists. Traditional blackjack is already immensely popular with millions of players around the globe but now blackjack switch is the new kid in town and is starting to spread quickly.

The main difference in blackjack switch is that you are dealt two blackjack hands instead of one and can switch the second cards of each hand with one another. If dealt 9-4 and 2-9, you could switch the cards to produce 9-9 and 4-2. There are also a few other differences between blackjack and blackjack switch.

Cannot bet different amounts on both hands, two bets of the same size are required.
Dealer wins if he scores 22 points. Only a blackjack from the player can overcome this
Dealer forced to hit on 17 if using ace as 11 aka ‘soft seventeen’.
Payout for a natural blackjack is 1/1 (instead of 3/2 in traditional blackjack) but you get blackjack way more, two hands dealt and able to switch.
If switched cards to create blackjack, worth 21 points.
Cards are dealt face up in switch blackjack
There are many different ways to approach blackjack switch. One well known technique is to make one hand as strong as possible even if its to the detriment of the other. Some have argued this strategy saying it can in some circumstances it can be correct to split even a natural blackjack!

Blackjack hall of fame inductee Arnold Schnieder is a fan of blackjack switch and has claimed to have reduced the house edge in blackjack switch to near nothing with his “hand grouping system” where he categorises hands into, losers, winners, gamble and push groups. Many other gamblers have devised competing strategy’s in a bid to beat the dealer. It seems that switch blackjack is more strategic and offers more freedom to the player. It also gives you the chance to hit blackjack more often which can never be a bad thing!


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